200 Texas Holdem Poker Chip Set With Aluminum Situation

If you know a person who enjoys playing poker it is likely that you know somebody who lives and breathes Poker. One of the reasons why this game is popular is that it straightforward to know and there is a good deal of chance to bluff.

Poker is not just a favorite sport in casinos but can also be among the most widely used home poker matches around. Despite the matches celebrity that the Poker celebrities processor corporation has made the 200 Texas Holdem Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case for several those Betting lovers and fanatics among you bola88.


The chips for the 200 Texas Hold Em Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case is specially designed. These chips are 39 mm in diameter just enjoy the processors you’ll discover in a regular casino. They consider 11.5 grams and texture like authentic casino chips way too.

What makes those chips particular however is that words texas hold em are engraved in the chips outer advantage in addition to both the Ace and King of gemstone cards to represent that the massive sleek hand. And you’re able to receive the chips in seven distinct colors. These chips are all copyright protected significance that you are not going to get this precise collection offered by any other company.

The Situation

The Aluminum bottom of the situation is created from lightweight but strong air-plane metal and lined with green felt, whereas the clear top allows you to produce the own set for every one to watch. That circumstance is big enough to hold all 200 chips with room at the center for those dice and cards and should last a life time.

Other Goods Included at the Set

When you choose the 200 texas hold em Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case you not merely make this hardy and attractive circumstance along with the distinctive chips but additionally 5 dice and two decks of cards. The cards and dice are ordered at the exact middle of the circumstance with 100 processors on either side making for an attractive display.

What causes this place particularly fine is that your have all that you need for a locality video game of Poker all combined in a convenient situation. No stress about becoming to that Thursday evening poker match only to discover somebody forgot to attract your cards.


This specially designed 200 Poker Chip Set with Aluminum situation is reasonably costing below $50.00 rendering it not an affordable place to have but to offer as a present too. Even though this particular design doesn’t create this poker chip case the ideal poker collection for everybody it will earn a fantastic set for people who appreciate taking part in and people who find themselves poker chip collection enthusiasts.

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