Seven Online Businesses You Can Start Now – Part Two

A fair proportion of net users have considered gambling online. Whether for fun or real the internet makes gambling on sports events or though online casinos easy & safe.

It’s no surprise that gambling is one of the most searched for terms online with a huge range of established casinos to choose from. With such an audience available, gambling online is also an ideal opportunity for you to make some cash online.

The easiest way of making money from online casinos, without playing yourself is to act as an affiliate. Generally, an affiliate will refer players to the casino and earn a commission of what the player loses.

This is a lot easier than it seems, simply by writing an article about online gambling or reviewing online casinos you could reach an relevant audience & drive traffic towards the casino with your own affiliate link. Submit these articles to some article directories or even though linkmetro and your article will be published on other websites & picked up by search engines.

Commissions vary in scale from affiliate program to program, but you can easily find a program that will pay you between 30% to 50% of what your players gamble.

In fact even the Rich Jerk, the self proclaimed millionaire internet marketer has recently said “If you don’t realise you can make millions from internet gambling there’s something wrong with you…”

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